About "Detours"


“A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour.”



These friends met through Resolve National Infertility Support Group of greater San Diego. We forged a bond through shared struggle and strife.


Each of us found resolution in unconventional ways. If you are struggling with infertility, you are sure to find yourself in the pages of our book.


It is our hope that our stories will provide a source of hope and inspiration for you or anyone you know who is struggling with infertility.


Are you - or is someone you love - feeling derailed by the unfair twists and turns of infertility? Do the words "just relax" drive you crazy? Are you afraid that you may never be able to have a baby?

We get it! You are not alone. In Detours you will meet a group of friends who have collectively experienced practically every setback and form of reproductive technology available. We share our journeys and lessons learned, which may help you:

  • navigate the infertility maze
  • cope with the stress of treatment
  • balance your career and infertility
  • gain support when you need it most
  • view your challenges through a different lens
  • hold on to hope against all odds
  • find your resolution and regain happiness

Detours will inspire you and help make a difference in the lives of all those struggling with infertility. Our book and JOURNEY OF HOPE wristband makes a perfect gift set for someone you love who is facing these overwhelming challenges. A portion of the proceeds from our book and wristbands will be donated to RESOLVE National Infertility Association.